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I convinced him to give me a bit of space over here to talk about creative writing, and this is all I get! When I mention this website, he just starts quoting John Henry Newman. "There is nothing more noble than the creation of a university . .." Blah Blah Blah. I don't know, maybe he's onto something! Maybe you should decide for yourself:


A very warm welcome!

This is the personal website of Graeme Harper. He is pleased to work with colleagues in a wide range of countries around the world.

Dean of The Honors College and a Professor at Oakland University (at the northern reach of Detroit, Michigan), USA, he has also served as an Honorary Professor in the United Kingdom and Australia, and previously as a Creative Writing Fellow, Research Fellow, and a Commonwealth Universities Scholar.

You can contact him on the email addresses to the left of screen.

Brooke Biaz - My Recent Books


The Japanese Cook. Six young cooks leave Shimura Junior High School, selected to compete for apprenticeships at Mr. Kishimoto's International Culinary Institute. Excitement, fear and discovery follow! Available from Parlor Press.

The Invention of Dying. On the Communion Islands modern medicine is arriving. But not in a way anyone expected! Available from Parlor Press.

Visit the Communion Islands. Brooke assists with this informational work on the Communion Islands.

Camera Phone. How powerful a vision has the young and modern film-maker, connected by cell phone to the entire world? This new novel with the fine Parlor Press.

Moon Dance. Being born in the 1960s can take ten years of your life. . . . Sometimes the universe and our lives entwine. In the era of the space race, as JFK sent us rocketing toward The Moon, a family, a life, a love, was being created in a tropical beach house. Moon Dance is the story of a decade, a conception, a family, a birth. One small step for man, one giant leap for womankind!

Small Maps of the World. This new collection of fiction by Graeme Harper, writing as Brooke Biaz, investigates the meanings attached to events in place; and then the tourism of time bound to places, with bountiful humor and wit unearths the bonds between individuals and location but also wonders on the underlying connections between people and their sense of more


With much appreciation, Brooke has recently accepted the position of Communion Islands Ambassador to the US State of Michigan for an initial period of 5 years (2018-2023). Brooke writes:

"I am so grateful for this considerable honor bestowed upon me by the wonderful, warm people of The Communion Islands. I aim to represent you all as best as I can, in my work with the people of the United States, the country of my choosing, and by communicating also with those others with whom I work also around the world.".

Brooke's previous work on the history and life of The Communion Islands was displayed in New York and as part of a traveling exhibition, across the USA, in 2012-2015. This was followed by the release of pamphlets showing key features of Communion life, from the association with the sea to the ceremonies and beliefs held dear in the mountainous regions.

On the June 17 2015, at a wonderful ceremony at the Rushing Hotel, overlooking the fine Breaking Breakers Beach, Brooke was so very thrilled to be awarded the 73rd annual "Long Palm and Flying Fish", one of the Communions Islands' highest awards for distinguished service to the islands community. Having served as honorary Young Cultural Attache of the Communion Islands (1991-2001), Brooke was previously awarded the 2001 'Koolai-Kanakan' (or 'key') to the Islands:


For more information about travel to, and accommodation on, the Communion Islands contact:

Communion Islands Tourism


New Works by Graeme Harper


Honors Education: Excellence, Innovation, Ingenuity. A collection considering the nature of educational excellence in honors colleges and programs (out in 2018)

Changing Creative Writing in America: Strengths, Weaknesses, Possibilities. A collection exploring the present and future of creative writing education in American higher education. Out now from MLM and widely available via online booksellers.

Filmurbia: Cinema and the Suburbs, edited with David Forrest and Jonathan Rayner. An exploration of films of suburbia, around the world. Out nowfrom Palgrave-Macmillan.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Honors Education. A collection of chapters from honors colleges and programs, focusing on inclusion (out in 2017)

Ladders Upon Which the Aspiring Can Rise. A study of the emergence and extension of science and technology research and teaching in US universities in the period from the mid-1950s. (out in 2018)

Creative Writing and Education. An international collection featuring articles and commentaries on creative writing in colleges, universities and schools, as well as in the wider community of practice and understanding.

The Future for Creative Writing. What will creative writing be like in 10 years, 50 years, next century? This book, in the Blackwell Manifestoes series, makes some suggestions.

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Books, new media, stories, articles, and events.

Works in progress:

A Desire to Write, an investigation of the reasons for chosing to write creatively, and of the individual ways to assess, develop and actively utilize elements of your desire to write. Out in 2018

The Town that Disappeared (working title). A new novel by Brooke Biaz

Critical Practice in Creative Writing: Creative Exposition. This book considers explanations about creative writing practice and about its results, and outlines an approach based in the practice that can assist new and established writers alike. Out in 2018.

Explorations: Response and the Writing Arts. What is the nature of human response in creative writing? What does it entail and how does it contain meaning.

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Forthcoming event:

"Studying Creative Writing in America". A national video-linked conversation. December 1 2018

A previous/2017 events:

Second Annual Conference of the National Society for Minorities in Honors (NSFMIH), kindly hosted by Kacee Ferrell Snyder at Bowling Green State University, October 25-27 2017

Virtual and Augmented Reality: Launching of the Image VR/AR Suite. Working with CDI and companies as varied as the CGS innovation company, Comerica Bank and Taubmann, the launch of the IMAGE suite featured a unique VR/AR ideation workshop that will lead now to future projects. October 6, 2017


Great Journals


Contributes to journals and magazines worldwide. And has four journal editing obsessions:

New Writing: the International Journal for the Practice and Theory of Creative Writing (Routledge/Taylor and Francis), the first independent journal for Creative Writing in universities and colleges.. A research journal, a journal for creative works, discussions of creative writing, writers, and the teaching of creative writing, (See Below)

Studies in European Cinema, (Intellect) Graeme edits this with Owen Evans. In this journal film experts worldwide debate European film, past and present, within Europe and European film traditions adopted and adapted around the world.

The Creative Industries Journal. (Intellect) Graeme works with Kyle Edwards and Debi Hayes on this one. He's Editor, along with Kyle and Debi who work as Associate Editors. Discussion of the World's most vibrant economic sector: the creative sector!

Journal of European Popular Culture. investigates the creative cultures of Europe, present and past. Exploring European imagery, media, new media, film, music, art and design, architecture, drama and dance, fine art, literature and the writing arts, and more, the journal is also of interest to those considering the influence of European creativity and European creative artefacts worldwide

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Universities are places where knowledge dwells, where knowledge can be explored and where knowledge can independently develop. The following projects highlight this process:

Great Writing. The UK's international conference. Now in its 21st great year. 2018 Conference to be held at Imperial College, London, June 23-24 2018.

Creative Knowledge and Successful Habitats. A project to determine the extent to which creative knowledge can inform the development of successful cost-effective human habitats. This project is also connected to the Learning Cities and Medical Habitats projects.

Creative Lab. Cross-disciplinary creative research, through new digital experience ("synaptic") technologies.

Professors Forum. The title "professor" must mean something. Supporting research innovation and leadership in universities, and in collaboration with public and private partners.

Research Innovation. The good undertake, but the best innovate

Projectorings. Developing medical space with vision and sound - a collaboration considering how imaginative knowledge, applied to medical architecture, can better support human thriving.

ARTEFACT. Investigating the historical artefacts of creative practice. The world's scholarly talent, at any age. Developing a lifelong knowledge stream.

Creative Universities. An international universities network promoting the university ideal.

International Center for Creative Writing Research (ICCWR). An international Creative Writing initiative - the first of its kind. All welcome!


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