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Well, I convinced him to give me a bit more space over here. Otherwise, he'd take it all up talking about universities and quoting John Henry Newman. "There is nothing more noble than the creation of a university . .." Blah Blah Blah. I don't know, maybe he's onto something! Maybe you should decide for yourself:

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Current projects:

A Desire to Write - for 2018

Critical Understanding in Creative Writing: Creative Exposition - for 2018

Honors Education: Supporting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - for 2018

Excellence, Innovation and Ingenuity in Honors Education - for 2018

Ladders Upon Which the Aspiring Can Rise - for 2018

"The Remarkable Pictures" (working title) - a collection of short stories - for 2019

Out Recently:

The Japanese Cook (2018) - in press for release in February 2018

Changing Creative Writing in America: Strengths, Weaknesses, Possibilities (2017)

Filmurbia: Screening the Suburbs, with D.Forrest and J. Rayner (2017)

Exploring Creative Writing: Voices from the Great Writing International Creative Writing Conference (2016)

The Invention of Dying (2015)

Creative Writing and Education (2015)

The Future for Creative Writing (2014)


Inside Creative Writing. What is involved in the act of creative writing? Inside Creative Writing features original interviews with creative writers and reveals the different ways in which they speak of their writing lives. The book considers drafting, writing habits, knowledge and understanding in creative writing, and reading. There are practical exercises and questions with each topic. (Palgrave, 2012)

Journal Special Issues/Editor: "Creative Writing Around the World" (New Writing, 2012) "Practice-Led Research" (CIJ) "Publishing and the State of Publishing" (Creative Industries Journal);

Projectorings. Medical spaces, Design and comprehension - a series of video explorations of medical space and social interaction in medical habitats. With a creative and critical outline of how imaginative knowledge informs medical understanding and human engagement in medicine, this work explores how changing habitats to incorporate creative knowledge can enhance human interaction and individual thriving.

Virtual Clay, Electric Glass. Working with colleagues across the USA, we produced the first virtual arts studio, complete with interactive studio spaces, virtual tool displays and critical explorations. The documentary film of Virtual Clay, Electric Glass is currently being screened across the USA.

On Creative Writing. What is Creative Writing? Millions of people do it, but how do we do it, really? What evidence of its undertaking does Creative Writing produce? How do we explore Creative Writing, as both art form and mode of communication, and how to we come to understand it? On Creative Writing considers what lies at the core of the very human creative activity called Creative Writing.

Cinema and Landscape, with Jonathan Rayner; sixteen international film experts explore the relationship between film and landscape. *Order at bookstores, street or online.

The Creative Writing Guidebook. Writers from around the world investigate Creative Writing. The Creative Writing Guidebook explores the art of writing creatively.

The Continuum Companion to Sound in Film and the Visual Media. A comprehensive study of sound and music in cinema, television, on the web, on disks. A worldwide group of scholars and artists contribute.

Creative Writing Studies: Practice, Research, Pedagogy. Graeme Harper and Jeri Koll. A collection of essays on practising, researching and teaching Creative Writing. Features writers from the USA, UK and Australia

Visiting Japan. A WIki-novel to which you can contribute. Become one of the writers from all around the World! You can access this at the Visiting Japan link on the left.

Camera Phone. Maybe there's a phone involved, maybe a volcano, maybe some folk lost in a beachside city! Alternatively, who knows?! Order

On Creative Writing. What is Creative Writing? What do we mean by the term? What does it involve? And how does Creative Writing deal with the World and with ourselves. Order

Cinema and Landscape, with Jonathan Rayner; sixteen international film experts explore the relationship between film and landscape. This book - which is in the final stages of pre-production - includes work by; Tom Gunning, Susan Hayward, Marvin D'Lugo, Sue Harper, Martin McLoone, Wimal Dissanyake, Bob Britton, Kate Taylor, Emma Widdis, Tina Kennedy et al, Paul Spicer, Brad Prager, Martin Mhando, Jonathan Rayner and Graeme Harper, among others. With a foreword by David Desser. Order .


Graeme's working further on some critical analysis of practice and theory, investigations of the human impact of new mobile and experience (or "synaptic") technologies; on the impact of design and architecture in medical spaces; and exploring changes of cultural perspective brought about by the communication revolution. He's investigating what he calls "creative knowledge" in human interaction and habitat formation. Brooke's chasing the completion of a new novel about chefs - or those who might be chefs.

Work can also be found in:

The Creative Industries Journal

Journal of European Popular Culture

New Writing: the International Journal for the Practice and Theory of Creative Writing

Studies in European Cinema