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Brooke Speaks

Well, I convinced him to give me a bit more space over here. Otherwise, he'd take it all up talking about universities and quoting John Henry Newman. "There is nothing more noble than the creation of a university . .." Blah Blah Blah. I don't know, maybe he's onto something! Maybe you should decide for yourself:



Quality Assurance in Undergraduate Research. As part of our elected Councilor roles (At-Large) at the Council on Undergraduate Research, we have created a group to consider quality assurance in undergraduate research and delve into this topic with colleagues around the nation, and world. The group reported at the CUR biennial conference in Tampa at the end of June 2016, and began work in 2017 on a QA in Undergraduate Research document - which will be released in early 2018

National Society for Minorities in Honors (NSFMIH). Established in fall 2015 and launched with a national conference in March 2016, the NSFMIH aims to support diversity, equity and inclusion in honors education. A book is forthcoming in 2017, on this topic, and the second annual conference was held in fall 2017. The third conference of the NSFMIH will be held in Arkansas in 2018. Contact Tricia Smith: and Jessica Scott

Creative Practice in the 21st Century. Beginning in 2013, colleagues have been (and continue to be) exploring the elements of creative practice that have evolved in recent years to reflect particular contemporary ideals and approaches. These explorations will lead to a book critically examining the condition of 21st Century creative practices.

Filmurbia: Cinema and the Suburbs. A third book in the cinematic landscapes project, begun in 2002, will emerge from this project, and be edited with colleagues David Forrest and Jonathan Rayner. Other plans include the potential for a conference and video-linked symposium.

Improving Medical Spaces: Design for Wellness. Beginning in 2011 with the Medical Habitats project Improving Medical Spaces looks to address questions of visual and aural design in medical spaces with the aim of positively influencing individual patient care, practitioner performance and support, and community well-being.


Creative Universities. Universities can be wonderful places of invention, ambition, understanding, innovation, creativity and excitement. At Creative Universities we celebrate and support this university ideal, world-wide. Contact

Creative Knowledge and Successful Habitats. A project to determine the extent to which creative knowledge can inform the development of successful, cost-effective human habitats. This project is linked to the Medical Habitats and Creative Knowledge initiative. Contact:

Projectorings. Developing medical space with vision and sound - a collaboration considering how imaginative knowledge, applied to medical architecture, can better support human thriving. This project includes several site-specific experiments with video architecture, as well as the use of Vicon Revue technology to investigate spatial change, imaginative awareness, and industrial design. Contact:

Learning Cities. Exploring the methods of creating truly developmental learning cities throughout the world. Fabulous learning cities mean promoting coooperation, communication and collaboration. The 3Cs! All welcome. Contact:

Collaboration Laboratory. See the Collaboration Laboratory for further details of future events and projects, with a range of international partners. The World's scholarly talent. This is project to more effectively harness the talents of those experts retired from formal university life but still actively pursuing their fields of expertise and interest. The project aims to create a world-wide database of such talent and expertise, and to capitalise on the experience and understanding of some of world's greatest sources of knowledge. Contact:

International Center for Creative Writing Research (ICCWR). An international network of Creative Writing researchers. Creative Writing is a distinct way of investigating and communicating. It involves both creative and critical understanding - understanding that often uniquely combines ideas, actions and outcomes. Contact:

Creative Lab. Cross-disciplinary creative research: the acts/actions, processes and investigations that surround creativity. Contact:

Great Writing. The UK's international Creative Writing conference. Contact Conference Founder and Director, Professor Graeme Harper:

European Cinema Research Forum (ECRF). The international forum for the discussion of the films of Europe. Contact the Forum Directors, Professor Graeme Harper or Dr Owen Evans at

Research Innovation. The good undertake, but the best innovate. The Research Innovation group seeks to advance research in all fields represented in academe, with an emphasis on research that advances rather than simply maintains existing knowledge. Contact: