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Creative Knowledge andHuman Thriving

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Medical Habitats

Working with colleagues in the USA, UK and Australasia Medical Habitats is developing techniques for enhancing human thriving through the re-thinking of space, human movement and representation in medical and healthcare environments. In particular, the project is exploring how creative knowledge, applied to design and representation in healthcare, can improve medical environments, resulting in more positive reactions to medical treatment, building further on physician-patient relations, and improving the association between medical care and other forms of social advancement, and between the business of healthcare and its ultimate results..

Recent Photo-Research in Hospitals in the USA

Photographic Equipment for Medical Habiats generously supplied by Vicon:



Current Questions

Those relating to life chances, individual as well as socio-economic and socio-culture.

Those relating to the nature of patient-physician relations, the habitats in which these relationships are established and built upon.

Those relating to 21st Century time-space relations in medical care.

Those relating to the nature of human thriving, and the role of habitats and representations in that thriving.

Those - building on all of the above - relating to key issues in design for successful heathcare habitats.

Contact: Professor Graeme Harper